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img-5 If you need photocopiers in Melbourne, Leading Edge Copiers is the place to go. Is it feasible to carry original documents with you 24×7? Scan your documents, preserve them and be sure you will always have a copy of your document. You will be sure to get quality copies if you utilize Leading Edge Copiers photocopiers. Our brand new copiers come with a 5 year warranty and can be replaced if you find a technical problem.

The colour copier brands we offer at our Melbourne location will scan document copies and visual images at a fast pace and produce results that are as clear as the original document. These machines are equipped with xerography technology that uses electrostatic charges on a light sensitive photoreceptor and later, transfer different toner particles on a paper in the form of an image. You will not be disappointed if you are using any of our copiers and scanners. We also provide copier repair and photocopier service using genuine parts at competitive prices.

Copiers and scanners come in a number of shapes, sizes and colours and everything depends on your specific needs. A leading company in the digital field, Leading Edge Copiers has moved a long way in fulfilling the needs of our customers for their photocopiers ,colour copier and Ricoh Copiers needs. We offer free delivery for all copier toner cartridges over $50.
If you are not ready to buy a brand new photocopier, you can take advantage of our photocopier rental service –rent anywhere from 1 day to 5 years!

For more information or quick quote on buying a printer or copier please give us a call on 1300 138 151 or fill in the Quick Quote form on the right side, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Accurate reproduction of colours on paper is one of the most significant aspects of colour printing service. There are a few factors that directly affect this capability such as paper’s colour, if paper is coated or uncoated, what is the texture of the paper, how many colours are applied on the paper, and many other facts. Therefore, Ricoh Copiers understand that this is not an easy job and needs to be taken seriously.

Ricoh Copiers

We also provide all types of Colour Photocopiers Melbourne in all sizes and shapes to match your need. Colour Photocopiers Melbourne are operational with technology that makes use of charges on a light sensitive photoreceptor and it then transfers toner on a paper in the form of picture. We also offer you free delivery for copier toner cartridges over $50.

The details that our customers give us help us to understand the order and we provide them the best accordingly. While buying a photocopier or Ricoh copiers Melbourne, it is also better to find out before hand if the colours of your choice can be fulfilled or not. Our staff can help you with such problem effectively making sure that the product you receive is up to your standard and judgment in a controlled budget.
Colour is just an invention of our perception and mind. We all see diverse colours only because our brain sees the frequency and wavelength of light differently. Therefore, we also emphasize on different styles and colouring while making a design and documents. Our colour photocopiers Melbourne are one of the best you will get in Australia.

Still confused about which colour photocopiers or Ricoh Copiers in Melbourne is best for you? Call us or fill in the form. Our experienced and reliable staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible to deal with all your Ricoh printers, Multifunction Printers and Ricoh Copiers queries.